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The BEYOND 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge is a power-packed fitness and nutrition program that will dramatically shortcut the path to feeling healthier and happier.

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Let's Be Real.

Online apps and classes just aren’t cutting it. Sure, they may bring on the burn...but are they designed with YOUR goals in mind?

Probably not.

Truthfully, how many of you can relate to one of these two scenarios:

I've tried programs in the past, but can't seem to keep myself on track with the results I want to see...

I am procrastinating because I either don’t know how to get started or I’m so overwhelmed with all the changes behind it that I struggle to make progress...

We're going to put an end to all of this, right here and now -

without wasting any more time.

YES - THERE IS A WAY to get a kickass, low-impact workout WITHOUT having to look a certain way or “fit the mold” (because waiting until you feel “in shape” means you’ll be waiting forever).

YES - THERE IS A WAY to do it all in one place (because who has the time or the $$$ to have a membership at 5 different studios and gyms).

YES - THERE IS A WAY to push through procrastination and meet the community that you feel like you’re missing (because enough already!)

Enter...The Quick Fix...


A power-packed pilates and nutrition program that will dramatically shortcut the path to feeling healthier and happier.

NO more boring classes

NO complicated

meal plans

NO more kid interruptions

Just exactly what you need to shed lbs, de-bloat, and feel healthier than ever before

Have fun while developing more

strength like Camille:

What's Included in the 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge:

Fitness Nutritionist Written Meal Plan (value $147)

We often call this plan “A Dietitian In Your Pocket.” We'll help you find the perfect match of recipes to fit your dietary needs, budget, and lifestyle. Then, you’ll get the exact meal plan you need with a smart grocery list to zip through the store. That means more time enjoying all the goodness of your meal, and less stress around what to eat. And the best thing? No fancy health food stores...just regular healthy choices from your favorite grocery store!

24 Small Group Pilates & Interval Training Sessions (value $285)

These science-backed sessions will help you get stronger and slimmer without the bulk. And since you are in a small group, you’ll have personalized attention to ensure you avoid injury and make progress at your pace.

1 Nutrition Coaching Session Per Week (value $299)

What separates the dreamers from the achievers? Accountability. In these weekly sessions, we will help you plan for the next week, troubleshoot the hard times, and help you push through to reach your goals.

1 Group Kickoff Session (value $40)

This kickoff session will introduce you to the other like-minded people participating with you, and set you up with all the tools you need to make this experience unforgettable.

Get Excited to Get Results like Melissa:

Grab The Quick Fix...

Fitness Nutritionist Written Meal Plan (value $147)

24 Small Group Pilates Sessions (value $285)

1 Nutrition Coaching Session Per Week (value $299)

1 Group Kickoff Session (value $40)

Total Value = $624

Today's Price = $499

Frequently Asked Questions About

The 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge:

How fast can I expect to see results?

BEYOND classes are known for transforming bodies in record time. However, results for all types of exercise are based upon body type, and, the intensity, duration and frequency of your workouts. We also recommend that you support your efforts in the studio with a healthy lifestyle outside of the studio.

I’m over the age of 50. Is this program right for me?

All of our classes are challenging, and all of them can be modified or intensified. Discuss your concerns with your instructor prior to class so they can recommend modifications before class begins.

I’ve purchased similar programs in the past. How is this different?

We get it, there are a lot of programs out there. Our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge is the only program in Frisco that combines legendary fitness techniques with pumping tempo-specific music AND a Certified Fitness Nutritionist so that you can take the healthy you create in the studio into your daily life.

Will you be holding more programs in the future?

We open registration for our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge a few times a year. This challenge starts April 18th! That said, this is the first time we have opened registration at this price. So don't wait!

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Every body is different, and some bodies need to shed more weight than others. Out of our previous programs, participants lost between 12-20 pounds.

Look what just ONE challenge did for Kelly:

Get The 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge while we continue to be out of our minds selling this at the insanely low price of $499.

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